Monday, September 25, 2023

Generation i/o Have Arrived



This site is dedicated to the people in the world who want to make a difference.  We will be relaying this information to the various corporations that we rate on this site.  We want to bridge the gaps between generations of people because how we consume is one of the main issues between them.


We will utilize the youth’s opinion the most because they are the future.  The middle age is next because they know where we are today because they put us here and are the present.  The most important is the elderly who represent the past, so that they can explain to us what routes they took so that the young can travel along the same but make the necessary adjustments along the way.


Let’s make a difference!  Here’s your chance help decide how these large corporations along with stock markets deal with us in the future.  For years they have been dictating to us how we consume their products.  Well now is the time for us to dictate to them how we consume their products.  We will decide what’s hot and why it’s hot.  What’s not and why it’s not?


They will have no choice but to accommodate us the way we desire to be accommodated.  So many of the major corporations of our time have their own ideas about what we like.  They use deceptive promotional tactics that lure us into consuming their products, many of which you didn’t like in the first place.  We have to change this.  By dictating to them what we want, prices will come down, new products will fit your description and older products that we liked will remain available for those who want them.  A new WALL STREET will be born.


Reply to our discussions in our forum section so that we can relay your opinions to those companies that you comment on.  It’s important that you give your opinion so we can make a difference since we have them listening!


Thank you,


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